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The photono information leap

photono supports you identifying the business leads with the highest potential.

Our state of the art photono algorithms are fed with a multitude of different data sources, extracting the relevant business information using a new artificial intelligence approach.

You benefit from out tailor-made customer scores and insights, significantly reducing your overhead costs and increasing your chances for successful business deals.

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Our product portfolio

Trade Directory 4.0

Are you searching for business leads with certain characteristics such as building size, number of employees, …? This module provides you with all the relevant information you need for optimizing your sales funnel.

Photovoltaics database

Do you need the addresses of photovoltaic installations and their respective capacities? And the official renewables data registers are not sufficient? We have what you need. As of now, Germany-wide and further expanding. Up to date. With attractive conditions.

Affinity Scores

Do you want to address your customers more precisely and efficiently? Do you want to know in advance which customer groups have an above-average interest in your product? With our affinity scores you are at least one step ahead of the competition.

Roof area potential for photovoltaics

Many roof areas from single-family homes to complex commercial and industrial properties still offer potential for photovoltaic systems. We have determined the available PV potential on properties throughout Germany by evaluating aerial photographs using artificial intelligence.

Customized aerial image analysis using AI

Do you want to detect certain features on aerial photographs throughout Germany and beyond? Then we will be happy to help you: Take advantage of our artificial intelligence know-how and experience.

On demand

Location optimization for new EV charging stations

Are you looking for the perfect location for your EV charging station? Then you will find it here. Based on tens of thousands of real charging processes and behavioral pattern recognition, our algorithms determine the most attractive locations for charging stations. This on demand data service has already been tested in production environments and is available at short notice!

Load profile forecasting for business customers

The load profile shows the energy heartbeat of each company. Get a reliable forecast of the typical power consumptions of the company concerned, even before your first customer contact. This on demand data service is currently in the test phase.

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